cryp517handscryptids @ 517

live at 517 Noisefest 4


live at Robinwood Concert House

CRYPTIDS (2006-2011)

Hermetic drone worship and overtone trance incantations. Worm-eaten cassettes festering in demonic swamp bile. Hashish-fueled kosmische sludge mystics, evil creatures from the basement making an unholy racket, a black mass of ruptured organs groaning in agony. Creaky psychedelic ritual jams & heavy Kali Yuga vibes straight to tape. Savage misanthropic minimal ergot rites. Gnostic loners stoned on sex magick, puking druids performing blasphemous rites on analog altars, lotus eaters in an opiate haze of tape loops. Kosmische guitar/organ drone & ugly cult sludge dreck. Krautrock inferno from the inbred backwoods of Northwest Ohio. Frenzied cult chants fueled by Ash Ra Temple hash balls. Damaged guitar trio strangeness invoking the lords of chaos, satanic drone worship & moldy raga guitars crumbling into dust. Evil mastermind mechanizations of overloading circuits, creating an endless empire of crime. Cryptic witchcraft synths & pagan minimalist trance states.




In the Act of Adoration Before the Master of the Universe cd-r ( Ear Bleed, 2007 )

Death Trip C-30 ( Ear Bleed, 2008 )

The Seven Sisters of Sleep cd-r ( Ear Bleed, 2008 )

Veil C-30 ( Somatic Bliss, 2008 )

Du Hexen Hase/Cryptids split C-30 (Ear Bleed, 2008 )

Mabuse C-60 (Ear Bleed, 2009)

Kosmische Cryptids cd-r (Layway Butch/Ear Bleed 2009)

Empire of Crime C-60 (Ear Bleed, 2010)


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