conjuror synth

I am unfortunately not allowed to legally perform or record as Conjuror anymore. Here rests the Conjuror archive:


Interview on Tone Madison


Tiny Mix Tapes

Releases: Left Hand Path of the Conjuror (Shifting Sands Congregation)

Black Velvet, Dead Flowers (Golden Cloud Tapes)



4/14/2016 w/ Hallowed Bells and New England Patriots at Mickey’s Tavern, Madison

2/13/2016 w/ Vanishing Kids & Red Museum at Mickey’s Tavern, Madison

1/24/2016 w/ AZHD and Baird/Peterson/Lynch/Fitzpatrick at Arts & Literature Lab, Madison

12/17/2015 w/ Wyrding, Terran Wretch, Ossuary & Tubal Cain at High Noon Saloon, Madison

11/19/2015 w/ Tom Carter, Patrick Best & Taralie Peterson at Good Style Shop, Madison

7/17/2015 at Bluelight II Music Festival in Highland, WI with Kevin Greenspon, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Julian Lynch and many more

7/7/2015 w/ Chuck Johnson, Tar Pet at Mickey’s Tavern, Madison

2/7/2015 w/ Gardener & Kyle Landstra at Good Style Shop, Madison

10/27/2014 w/ Jon Mueller, Auscultation & Noxroy at Dragonfly Lounge, Madison

2/15/2014 w/ Daniel Wyche, Bastardgeist & Katrina Stonehart at Shockrasonica, Madison

12/14/2013 w/ Tatsuya Nakatani, Gastrique! & Sapropelic Pycnic at Shockrasonica, Madison

10/26/2013 w/ Positive Shadow, Endless, Litüüs, Dan Wyche, Spiral Joy Band & more at Vault Noise Fest, Madison

10/4/2013 w/ Weyes Blood, Clay Kolbinger at the Cult House, Madison

4/18/2013 w/ Brother Ong, Kathleen Baird & DB Pedersen at Shockrasonica, Madison

11/02/2012 w/ Christopher Riggs, Black William, Endless, Litüüs at Cult House, Madison

10/25/2012 w/ Stacian & Joel Shanahan at Good Style Shop, Madison

3/22/2012 w/ The Haters, Mumbertoes, Black William, Litüüs, Andy Ortmann, Madison

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