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In One End 5/20
Der Plan- Wat’s Dat?
Clock DVA- The Act
Robert Turman- Way Down
Alan Vega- Sneaker Gun Fire
Neon Judgement- Facing Pictures
Hard Gospel With Child- Deadtime Stories
Sword Heaven- Town Hag
Burning Star Core-  Untitled from Three Sisters Who Share an Eye
Haunted Castle- Untitled from Sagging Skull Vol. 2
Prick Decay/Violent Onsen Geisha- You Two Scumbags Are As Innocent As Puppies
P16.D4- Burgerliche Illusionen
Metrocide- Monkey Cage Bending
Smegma- Smegma Plays Merzbow
DDAA- L’Amiral Robert Sous Le 17E Parallelle
Villa Valley- Live In Birmingham, MI
John Weise- Arrythmia
Clang Quartet- Idiot
Jason Zeh- Untitled (Body)
Hototogisu & Burning Star Core- Untitled
Wolf Eyes- Always Wrong
The Skulls- No More Beer
xHOA- I Don’t Want to Go To Class
Black Jesus & the Happy Sunbeam- Blackk Magik
Andrew Coltrane- Untitled from Midnight WInds
Leo Coomans- Aerosol
Nurse With Wound- Ciconia


Touch of Time

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IN ONE END 5/6 (archive until 5/14)

Ray Buttigieg- Touch of Time

Quiet Sun- Mummy Was An Asteroid, Daddy Was A Small Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil

Phil Manzanera- Big Dome

Richard Pinhas- L’Ethique pt. 1

Fripp & Eno- Swastika Girls

Magical Power Mako- Andromeda

Civillion Dollars- Untitled (from split with Smokey Emery)

Edgar Froese- Panorphelia

Group 1850- Aperitive/Hoes D’Oevre

Soft Machine- Out-Bloody-Rageous

International Harvester- Sommarlåten (The Summer Song)

Mike Shiflet- Blessed And Opressed

Diagram A- Vinyl Removal

James Twig Harper- Untitled

Kluster- Klopfzeichen pt. 2

Kate Bush- The Saxophone Song

Golden Donna- All Alone

Pan Sonic- Kierto

Pardons- A Pip of Pardons

Ztoned Freakout

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In One End, Acid Freakout Set 4/1/12

you can listen to the archive here until 4/6/12.

Moolah- Mirror’s

Nord- Jokoyoku (Overture)

Cosmic Jokers- Cosmic Joy (b)

Ash Ra Tempel- Darkness- Flowers Must Die

Citizens for Interplanetary Activity- Kusuma’s Self Obliteration

White Noise- Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell

Karuna Khyal- Untitled 2

Anima-Sound- Traktor Go Go Go

Persona- Ceu

Ya Ho Wha 13- Ya Ho Wha

Zendik Farm Orgaztra- Inzanity

Furekaaben- Kom Lad Os Dulme Vores Nerver Lidt

First International Sex Opera Band- Anita’s First Appearance pt. 2

Brainticket- Brainticket pt. 2

Danny Ben-Israel- Bad Trip

Electric Sandwich- China

Madrigal- Stoned Freakout

John Coltrane- Om part 2

In One End, 3/4

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in one end, industrial strength winter pledge drive edition 3/4.

Deux Filles- She Slides
Baird Hersey- Across The Pyrenees
Trans-Millenia Consort- Virgin Ice
Non- Solitude
Robert Turman- Way Down
Psychic TV- Twisted
John Bender- People
Hans-Joachim Roedelius- Durch Die Wueste
Jah Wobble- Sea Side Special
Bitchin Bajas- Water 3
Rene Hell- Exit Room 808
Positive Shadow- Untitled
Heldon- St. Mikael Samstag Am Abends
Tangerine Dream-Mysterious Semblance At the Strand of Nightmares
Thomas Dinger- E-605
Can- Quantum Physics
Das Kabinette- The Cabinet
The Neon Judgement- Games Of Love
Legendary Pink Dots- The Plasma Twins
Kevin Coyne- Dark Dance Hall
Muslimgauze- Salaam Alekum, Bastard
Voice of the Seven Woods- Second Transition
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.- Attack From Planet Hattifatteners
Kamuran Akkor- İkimiz Bir Fidanız
Chris & Cosey- Voodoo
Kevin Coyne & Dagmar Krause- Come Down Here
Nurse With Wound- Ciconia
Trans-Millenia Consort- Blood Thirst

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Allnightflight 2/5

Tara Cross- Tempus Fugit

Noise Unit- Deceit

The Neon Judgement- Horny As Hell

Berlin West- Snakepit

Chrome- Brain On Scan

H.A.L.O. Vessel- Pentathelon Inception

Joshua- Noize Dead

Conrad Schnitzler & GenCon Montgomery- Oh Gott!

Richard Pinhas- Metatron/ Shaddai/ Chabbatai

Heldon- Toward the Red Line

Circle- Lokki

Faust- T-Electronique

Guru Guru- Globetrotter

Cadaver In Drag- Walking Through the Gates of Hell

Warmer Milks- Pentagram of Sores

Wretched Worst- Horned Head

Sandy Bull- Easy Does It

Dagar Brothers- Raga Darbari Kanada

GHQ- Drift-Void

International Harvester- Skordetider

All Night Flight

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1/1/12 Playlist

Tangerine Dream- Birth of Liquid Plejades

Klaus Schulze- Shadows of Ignorance

Harmonia- Veteranissimo

Cluster- 15:43

Klaus Schulze- Lasse Braun

Henry Wolff- Crossing the Line

Robert Ashley- Yellow Man With Heart With Wings

Eliane Radigue- Mila’s Song In the Rain

Ariel Kalma- Le Temps des Moissons

Terry Riley- Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band: All Night Flight, SUNY Buffalo, New York, 22 March 1968

Jon Hassel/Brian Eno- Charm (Over “Burundi Cloud”)

Pauline Oliveros- Rattlesnake Mountain

learn to swim 12/5

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Playlist for In One End on WORT 89.9 FM, 12/5.

Kevin Coyne- Learn to Swim (Learn to Drown)
Scott Walker- Track 6
Berlin West- Snakepit
Chrome- New Age
DAF- Der Rauber und der Prinz
Marianne Faithful- Broken English
Lio- You Go To My Head
Flying Lizards- The Flood
Cluster- Caramel
Cluster- Avanti
Moebius & Plank- Rastakraut Pasta
Lindsey Buckingham- Play In the Rain pt. 1
Cabaret Voltaire- On Every Street
John Bender- 57-1 Dance
John Bender- 36 A3 Long Distance Runner
Conrad & Gregor Schnitzler- Pro III
Conrad Schnitzler- Coca
Bene Gesserit- Tonight
Les Rita Mitsouko- Tonite
Alesia Cosmos- Sex Is Like a Cigarette
Death In June- The Calling (Mk II)
Monty Cantsin- I Am Monty Cantsin
Liasons Dangeruses- Los Ninos Del Parque
Kevin Coyne- Wonderful Wilderness
Tuxedomoon- Desire
Phil Manzanera- Big Dome
Chris & Cosey- Love Cuts (Remix)
Throbbing Gristle- Almost a Kiss
Logic Animal- Garden’s Gate
Wire- Over There
Kraftwerk- The Hall of Mirrors
Kate Bush- Waking the Witch
Craig Leon- Donkeys Bearing Cups
Thomas Dinger- Fur Dich