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Posted in EBR updates, free music on 17/07/2015 by Ian Earbleed

Every once in a while I get someone asking me about how to get their hands on old Cryptids releases, and the time has finally come where I can upload them to bandcamp. Head over to the Cryptids page, I’ll be slowly going through old cassette & CD-r releases and digging up some old unreleased tracks as well. And it’ll all be free/name your price since everything’s just been collecting dust otherwise. So far I’ve got the cassette releases Veil and Empire of Crime up, neither of which has ever been in digital form before and were both released in severely limited editions, the CD-r releases In the Act of Adoration Before the Master of the Universe and The Seven Sisters of Sleep, plus the never released final album Misanthropic Oscillations, originally planned to be a split with Yellow Crystal Star, wherever he may be.

Also, it’s a little hard to find but the fine Ilse label still has a compilation track of mine “Hex” online which is one of my favorite Cryptids recordings, entirely recorded with a malfunctioning microcassette player.

More coming soon (plus the cover art that I need to scan).


Ripped Krampus II- Mothbleed: Death’s Gonna Die

Posted in free music with tags on 04/06/2010 by Ian Earbleed

Ripped Krampus II- Mothbleed: Death’s Gonna Die

An intense basement session of gargoyle poop from these heavy scumpsychlords. “A half hour of sonic pummeling from the deranged minds of Ripped Krampus II. Three guitars, bass and drums tearing through improvised psychedelic biker krautrock at the speed of sound. Risen from the ashes of Ripped Krampus and the old line-up of the Puffy Areolas, RKII is a whole new beast, spewing Les Rallizes Denudes covers at you at insane volumes.” Straight out of the bunker and into your earlobes… acid biker worship and fuzz heaviness from current and ex-members of the Puffy Areolas and whatever drunken, semi-conscious derelicts they dragged off the street with promises of free shots of Clorox & Robitussin.

Death Trip

Posted in free music, Ohio sounds with tags on 03/06/2010 by Ian Earbleed

Death Trip was the second Cryptids release and first cassette release. Dark Egyptian hash drone underworld tape gnosis. Created with the same source material as The Seven Sisters of Sleep, Side II being from the sessions with Bob Newsted which were later made into “Tuareg Nosebleed” and Side I being made of solo tape loops which were later used on “The Seven Sisters of Sleep” but both are submerged in much more crude tape sludge. Originally released in a small edition of 15 or so in 2008.


Kosmische Cryptids

Posted in EBR updates, free music, Ohio sounds on 06/03/2010 by Ian Earbleed

Cryptids- Kosmische Cryptids (2009 Ear Bleed/Layaway Butch)


Ѯ Ichthyoallyeinotoxism 4:36

♀ Popul Vhu High School 8:12

Δ Tiahuanacu 7:16


† The Sun Door 7:38

Ӂ Suurkilpailu16:01

Recorded 2006-2007 at the Web House, Bowling Green, Ohio

Obsessively mixed 2007-2009

Limited edition CD-r released through Ear Bleed Records & Layaway Butch 2009

Cryptids is:

Ian Adcock: guitar, vocals, organ, electronics, percussion, ukelin, tapes

Additional instruments on by Bob Newsted

Here Comes Andy Crash

Posted in EBR updates, free music, Ohio sounds with tags on 09/05/2009 by Ian Earbleed

andy crash

Here’s a couple out of print cd-rs from Andy Crash:

Fedral Reserve

easy street ep

Andy’s newest album “Waiting for Nothing” is still available from Ear Bleed for $5. Did we mention it’s amazing and contains a bunch of Hank Williams covers? And comes with an awesome color mini-poster drawn by Andy himself?

From the Vaults: In the Act of Adoration…

Posted in free music with tags , on 19/08/2008 by Ian Earbleed

In the Act of Adoration Before the Master of the Universe” was the first Cryptids CD-r to be released, and contains the longest pieces of gnosis-through-drone-overload yet. Starts off mean and heavy with “Goat Snake Shake”, featuring Dr. Teets of the Puffy Areolas/Tyvek/Ripped Krampus on wall of guitar/shortwave radio and Bob N. on assorted gadgets. A massive organ-rupturing feedback dronevil sludge wreck recorded in the original Crypt beneath the legendary Web House in Bowling Green in a monolithic, organ-rupturing jam session. The B Side is the sehr kosmische solo cut “Comatose Dose” which rolls out of the basement like Achim Reichel & Machines burning Nepalese temple hash balls with the Cosmic Jokers circa 1969 with Plank & Schnitzler behind the board. Cryptic chants weaving in and out of layers of echoed-out psychedelic speed guitar going on a magick carpet ride which then unravels revealing the gooey organ-powered center inside.


In the Act of Adoration Before the Master of the Universe (2007)

free music is the most fun music

Posted in free music with tags , , , on 11/06/2008 by Ian Earbleed

There’s a lot of Ear Bleed Records stuff online for you to peruse and enjoy, thought it’d be fun for you to have some easy links to them.


Cryptids- The Seven Sisters of Sleep

Cryptids- In the Act of Adoration Before the Master of the Universe

Cryptids- Death Trip

Bullet Teeth- Drive Yourself to the Hospital

Naughty Arabia- Shit on a Digital Brick