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More Conjuror shows

Posted in EBR updates on 12/12/2015 by Ian Earbleed


Some new Conjuror gigs in the works, I’m getting back in the swing of playing a gig every month again. I’ll be playing this show next week with some of my favorite local metalheads: heavy & slow death creeps Ossuary and “Drunkthrone” power couple Tubal Cain, plus Wyrding, the new project of my dear friend and collaborator Troy Schafer.

January 24 I’ll be playing at the new Arts & Literature Laboratory with AZHA (Andy Fitzpatrick & Kathleen Baird) and Spires That In the Sunset Rise.

Also, the line-up isn’t finalized yet but I’ll be playing a free record release show for the “Mesmerized in Madison” compilation February 13 at Mickey’s Tavern with Vanishing Kids, Dos Males, Cave Curse, and Red Museum. It’s gonna be a stacked bill of Madison heads & probably going to be packed.


Stop out if you’re in Madison, hopefully will have some out-of-town gigs in 2016 too.



Cryptids Archive

Posted in EBR updates, free music on 17/07/2015 by Ian Earbleed

Every once in a while I get someone asking me about how to get their hands on old Cryptids releases, and the time has finally come where I can upload them to bandcamp. Head over to the Cryptids page, I’ll be slowly going through old cassette & CD-r releases and digging up some old unreleased tracks as well. And it’ll all be free/name your price since everything’s just been collecting dust otherwise. So far I’ve got the cassette releases Veil and Empire of Crime up, neither of which has ever been in digital form before and were both released in severely limited editions, the CD-r releases In the Act of Adoration Before the Master of the Universe and The Seven Sisters of Sleep, plus the never released final album Misanthropic Oscillations, originally planned to be a split with Yellow Crystal Star, wherever he may be.

Also, it’s a little hard to find but the fine Ilse label still has a compilation track of mine “Hex” online which is one of my favorite Cryptids recordings, entirely recorded with a malfunctioning microcassette player.

More coming soon (plus the cover art that I need to scan).

Cavernous Tavern Vibes

Posted in EBR updates, Wisconsin Sounds with tags on 06/03/2014 by Ian Earbleed


Yep, playing in another hot little combo, this time with me and Beau Deveraux (Samantha Glass, Victor Portsmouth, etc) on synths and Kathleen Baird (Spires That In the Sunset Rise) providing flute and vocals. Opening for the immer kosmische Bitchin’ Bajas and psych rockers Watch Out! on tour from Chile. Also, it’s free because it’s at the lovely local musical hot-spot, Mickey’s Tavern.

I’m also the creep behind the curtain setting up a couple of shows featuring fabulous lady-type chanteuses at Good Style Shop: Mary Ocher bringing her oddness on March 29th alongside Spires That In the Sunset Rise and one-man-band-and-son Trin-Tran, who has a new record out on Castle Face which you should probably snag, and Julianna Barwick, who will be gracing our presence April 11th.

Still doing the old radio show gig, and might start putting some playlists up on here because Spinitron is a bit of a pain in the ass. Recent themes include the noise couples Valentine’s Day edition, Pandit Pran Nath and students and an AACM Black History Month set.

Winter Time Blooz Outta the Bleak

Posted in EBR updates, Wisconsin Sounds on 21/01/2014 by Ian Earbleed

It’s cold and dark in Madison, but Wisconsinites refuse to let SAD get to them, so there’s still some live music happening around town, though not so many touring folks… Played a fun New Year’s Day improv set with Kathleen Baird of Spires That In the Sunset Rise, Joel Shanahan of Golden Donna and harpist Jeff Stanek. While a challenging one to control at the time (balancing synthesizers and amplified acoustic instruments in a living room on the fly ain’t easy) the end result was very cosmic and a perfect way to start off the year. Hope it can get released one of these days… Also on the bill was local jazzbos Brendan Connors & Stray Passage and former local bassist Ben Willis, who I’ve always enjoyed seeing in his combos the WeatherDuo and The Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps, but his solo upright bass work was a true testament of his chops- simple yet physically intense and utterly riveting minimalist exercises that hit you like a perfect 2 minute punk song. He’s currently located in Ann Arbor, so if you’re in that neck of the woods keep an eye out for him if you’re into talented progressive jazz folks.

Also got to see what will probably be one of my top shows of the year this month: Carter Tucci Play Chris & Cosey. I probably could have given them a pass even if it wasn’t good, but they did a long set of reworked classic 80s material that was nowhere close to a nostalgia show. Pretty sure every gal in the place started screaming when they did “October Love Song”, and with good reason; C&C are still the cutest couple in industrial music. John Elliot’s new project Outer Space opened, and was way more minimal dance than I expected, but they also took advantage of the Metro’s giant-ass PA to make the audience’s internal organs wiggle. Some deep competition for that top shows of 2014 coming up though; Charlemagne Palestine is playing a free gig in Chicago on March 14th… not an event to miss!

In other upcoming gig action news, I’m helping to host the very impressive Rene Hell at Good Style Shop February 1st alongside locals Circulation of Light, Noxroy and Victor Portsmouth. Should be a killer night of wide-ranging experimental solo acts, and if you’re a local I’d advise you to not miss this one. Some more good live things in the works too, but we can’t go spoil the surprise, now can we?




Posted in EBR updates, Wisconsin Sounds with tags , , , on 19/11/2013 by Ian Earbleed

I’m setting up a couple shows in Madison in the next month which I’m pretty excited about:

Friday Dec. 13: Ivy Meadows, Itasca, Spires That In the Sunset Rise +1 TBA at Good Style Shop

Saturday Dec. 14: Tatsuya Nakatani, Gastrique!, Sapropelic Pycnic, Conjuror at Shockrasonika

Both should be fantastic shows, hope you can make it.

October Wyrdness

Posted in EBR updates, Reviews, Uneasy Listening, Wisconsin Sounds on 29/10/2013 by Ian Earbleed

Time to do a wrap-up of what’s been happening around Madison in the last month or two and review some records & tapes.

spooky cat

There’s a bandcamp page for Conjuror now, where you can stream/download the new album. Been working on this stuff for three years, it’s very nice to finally be done with it and move on to new projects.

Played a monster festival last weekend with good friends Litüus, Endless, Spiral Joy Band, Daniel Wyche, Positive Shadow and others, one of those nice low-key shows with just the musicians and a few friends. And a few Halloween stragglers who wandered in drunk looking for the bluegrass show down the street. Also played a killer house show with the great Weyes Blood a few weeks back, and finally saw the great John Zuma Saint-Pelvyn perform. Not a household name yet, but if you like your Faheyisms more ergot-soaked than smoothly polished you’d be wise to check him out. His set was dedicated to the three-headed deity he dreamt about while sleeping in his car before the set with Sandy Denny’s head on one end, John Fahey on the other and Genesis P-Orridge in the middle! Anyway, he’s a serious ripper of a guitar player from the Twin Cities, who uses a heavy dose of feedback wrasslin’ alongside maniacal finger work. His two tapes Ampex, Stolaroff, Dogwood, Rain and Lost Masters Of The Shortwave Choir come highly recommended from yours truly.

Another sparsely attended show was Circuit Des Yeux kicking off her tour with Spires That In the Sunset Rise (and later on Bill Callahan, Jason Lescaleet and other heavyweights). Picked up a tape of her new album Overdue, which is definitely the most awe-inspiring thing I’ve heard her do. Cave‘s Cooper Crain produced it, and it’s got lush orchestration, synths and freak noise filling in the spaces between Haley’s sparse guitar. And damn can she sing! My roommate referred to it as “that French record you were listening to earlier” so I guess a Francoise Hardy reference isn’t too far outta place, though only a small piece of the puzzle. It just got formally released, so buy it and stick it in your ears- one of the best records of the year.

I set up a great show for Dustin Wong, who played a dizzying set to a totally packed house on enthralled listeners. Got to put old pal Bastardgeist on the bill along with newly transplanted Madison drone artist Aquarelle, both of whom have excellent new records out.

The show that almost got away was Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids playing at the Chazen Art Museum, which had next to no press/promotional coverage (thanks to Scott of Arts Extract Podcast for the tip). They entered like Egyptian priests blowing conch shells down a magnificent stairwell and proceeded to blast off into a long set of high energy classic 70s Afrocentric free jazz. Really fantastic to see talented musicians who love playing music together and have been doing so for decades, a super-inspiring show and they were all super kind & friendly after the gig. The high point was when Rhodessa Jones joined them for a piece based on Ackamoor’s Great-Great Grandmother’s story of her being sold into slavery. I’ve never heard or felt a piece of music so powerful ever.

The new TV Ghost album Disconnect is a really solid moody post-punk/kraut/goth gem. Hadn’t heard these guys in years, and now I’m really kicking myself for missing them play in town a while back. Really fills in the spaces between Wooden Shjips and Bauhaus.


Pelt Part Wild GateHung On Sunday is a new record of members of Pelt, Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides and Gate, aka Michael Morley of Dead C playing gamelan. As always when there’s a gamelan orchestra involved, it’s pretty mesmerizing, but this record also features mastering by Mr. James Plotkin, so it’s also got a shit-ton of bass tones you wouldn’t otherwise hear. Coming out next month on MIE, and it’s a limited edition UK pressing, so I’ll probably never see a copy, but it’s a good one.


It’s been a couple years since ol’ Rhys Chatham put out a new record, and a few decades since he did a six guitar/bass/drums combo, but that’s what we get on the title track of his gorgeous new record Harmonie Du Soir. The B side is for a 70 piece brass band and both are classic Chatham. Big shimmering tones, lots of stretched-out spaces and that signature Chatham drum-thump.

On WORT‘s long-running late-night monstrosity In One End every week now, Sunday nights/Monday mornings 2-5 AM. Lots of weirdness getting spun, some recent highlights include the all-vocalese show, 70s Swedish/90s Japanese psych set, three hours of Kaoru Abe & Masayuki Takayanagi, and last week’s show which includes an hour of upcoming album previews from some heavy-hitters (such as the above Pelt Part Wild Gate & Chatham albums). As always, you can listen to the shows archived for two weeks after airdate here. Please tolerate my tired, sometimes incoherent ramblings, it was the middle of the night and I would rather be asleep. The things we do for experimental music!

The Left Hand Path of the Conjuror

Posted in EBR updates, Wisconsin Sounds with tags , on 21/10/2013 by Ian Earbleed


My good friend and collaborator Troy Schafer (Kinit Her, Spiral Joy Band, Raindrinkers, etc.) has just put out this album of my recordings as Conjuror on his Shifting Sands Congregation label. Nearly three years of working on these deep synth textures and now it’s time to send them off into the world to fend for themselves. Brave Mysteries will probably have this in stock soon, Both me and Troy will be playing Vault Noise Fest this Saturday along side a great line-up including Litüüs, Dan Wyche, Endless and Spiral Joy Band.