Got some more Conjuror dates in the next few months, and some other shows I’m not playing in the works too; I’m going to be involved in doing more programming at Arts & Literature Laboratory, a new gallery/arts space in Madison. The venue situation was getting pretty dire, so I’m excited to have a new space to work with.

First up is another show at Mickey’s Tavern with Philadelphia’s Hallowed Bells and Boston’s New England Patriots on April 14th. Should be a weird show but if you like psychotic noise rock AND analog synth vibrations you can get both of your tickets punched at this one. Also going to be playing an opening set for Son Lux and Xenia Runibos at the Frequency May 18th, which will also be a weird fit for me but will hopefully give me a rare chance to play through a huge PA and freak out some unprepared concert-goers… Just saw Acid Mothers Temple there last week and it was probably the best I’ve seen them in a while, with their fresh-blood new rhythm section & some different jams in their set list- don’t think I’ve ever heard them do “La Novia” live before, and their cover of Sabbath’s “The Wizard”made the packed house totally flip out.

Other great stuff I’ve seen lately: Chris from Coordinated Suicides, one of my favorite Madison bands, held his annual birthday bash and the line-up was totally stacked with amazing bands: Chicago’s guitar-less heavy metal power trio DEN, Columbus’ finest crew of punx swapping out instruments for Bloody Show & Raw Pony (BS’ cover of “Final Solution” slayed), Toupee (incredible as always, plus they played one of their songs at half-speed, which really showed off how good their songs are), Richard Album & the Singles’ fragile Johnathan Richman-esque offbrand power pop, and the return of Chris’ grunge-sludge trio Dharma Dogs were just the bands that I caught halfway in to the show. Big round of applause to that guy for pulling off a huge show like that with no duds.

Got to see Wume return to Chicago a while back, and I’ve been missing out- intense drums & modular synth journeys like a modern Silver Apples. Simulation (Whitney of Matchess & Lulu of Gel Set) opened and were also pretty brain-melting… wish I could get down to Chicago more often, there’s so much great underground music bubbling up there these days.


More shows (Conjuror and otherwise) announced soon.


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