In One End 5/18


Had a lot of listeners last night for some odd reason, and luckily it was a really great program of sounds, with focus on Fripp & Eno’s respective birthdays last week, Philip Glass and Steve Reich’s reconciliation for Nonesuch’s 50th anniversary celebration in September and some early 70s synth mulch from respectable composers (the Budd piece especially is a real surprise in his catalog). As always, you can listen to the archived show for the next 2 weeks on WORT’s website by clicking here. Last week’s show was an all Acid Mothers Temple related show in preparation for their show in Madison which of course did not disappoint. More In One End playlists are available via spinitron if you wanna peruse.


Auscultation- Ash- Auscultation

Fripp & Eno- The Heavenly Music Corporation- No Pussyfooting

Robert Fripp- Atmosphere- Radiophonics

Brian Eno- Lux 3- Lux

Brian Eno- Shadow- Ambient 4: On Land

Fripp & Eno- Terebellum- The Equatorial Stars

Philip Glass- Ik-Ook- North Star

Ulrich Krieger- Reed Phase- Early American Minimalism- Walls of Sound II

Steve Reich- Come Out- Early Works

Ingram Marshall- Solitary- Alcatraz

Zaimph- The Enormous Space- The Enormous Space

Alastair Galbraith- A View To Endless Black- The Enormous Space

Warner Jepson- Totentanz- Totentanz and Other Electronic Works

Harold Budd- The Oak of the Golden Dreams- The Oak of the Golden Dreams

David Behrman- Pools of Phase Locked Loops

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