Daze of Zummer

As usual, once it warms up here in Madison cool shows start a-happenin’… Played a pretty amazing show last week here at the new Dragonfly Lounge. I jammed with a massive 9-member incarnation of the Second Family Band, and it was a disorienting whirlwind of sounds starting off the evening. Spires That In the Sunset Rise played next with a jaw-dropping feedback-heavy theatrical set of tracks off their new record. Next up were touring crew Million Brazilians, who blew some minds with their immense krautjazz freakouts, heavy on the woodwinds and sword scraping. And our local pals Joel Shanahan and Troy Schafer‘s duo closed out the night with some great synth & violin drones. Had to rush over to the radio station right after, but it was worth it- one of the best shows I’ve been to in a while. Also got to see the reclusive local drone legends Drunjus play recently with sitar pop princess Ami Dang and electro wastoids Problem Child. And Legalize It! DJ night is still going strong and lately has been bringing in special guests like StacianJulian Lynch & Wet Hair. If you’re in town, it’s every third Thursday at Mickey’s Tavern, with me, Tolerance and Estebahn spinning the very best in weirdo dance records all at the wrong speed.

Next month there’s a sick show featuring Burial Hex, Kinit Her and the one and only Sun Splitter, who will presumably have their new record “III” with them.


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