In One End 5/20
Der Plan- Wat’s Dat?
Clock DVA- The Act
Robert Turman- Way Down
Alan Vega- Sneaker Gun Fire
Neon Judgement- Facing Pictures
Hard Gospel With Child- Deadtime Stories
Sword Heaven- Town Hag
Burning Star Core-  Untitled from Three Sisters Who Share an Eye
Haunted Castle- Untitled from Sagging Skull Vol. 2
Prick Decay/Violent Onsen Geisha- You Two Scumbags Are As Innocent As Puppies
P16.D4- Burgerliche Illusionen
Metrocide- Monkey Cage Bending
Smegma- Smegma Plays Merzbow
DDAA- L’Amiral Robert Sous Le 17E Parallelle
Villa Valley- Live In Birmingham, MI
John Weise- Arrythmia
Clang Quartet- Idiot
Jason Zeh- Untitled (Body)
Hototogisu & Burning Star Core- Untitled
Wolf Eyes- Always Wrong
The Skulls- No More Beer
xHOA- I Don’t Want to Go To Class
Black Jesus & the Happy Sunbeam- Blackk Magik
Andrew Coltrane- Untitled from Midnight WInds
Leo Coomans- Aerosol
Nurse With Wound- Ciconia


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