Ztoned Freakout

In One End, Acid Freakout Set 4/1/12

you can listen to the archive here until 4/6/12.

Moolah- Mirror’s

Nord- Jokoyoku (Overture)

Cosmic Jokers- Cosmic Joy (b)

Ash Ra Tempel- Darkness- Flowers Must Die

Citizens for Interplanetary Activity- Kusuma’s Self Obliteration

White Noise- Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell

Karuna Khyal- Untitled 2

Anima-Sound- Traktor Go Go Go

Persona- Ceu

Ya Ho Wha 13- Ya Ho Wha

Zendik Farm Orgaztra- Inzanity

Furekaaben- Kom Lad Os Dulme Vores Nerver Lidt

First International Sex Opera Band- Anita’s First Appearance pt. 2

Brainticket- Brainticket pt. 2

Danny Ben-Israel- Bad Trip

Electric Sandwich- China

Madrigal- Stoned Freakout

John Coltrane- Om part 2


One Response to “Ztoned Freakout”

  1. Broface looks like one of the Baldwins. I think the one that skateboards for Jesus…Stephen, maybe?

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