Allnightflight 2/5

Tara Cross- Tempus Fugit

Noise Unit- Deceit

The Neon Judgement- Horny As Hell

Berlin West- Snakepit

Chrome- Brain On Scan

H.A.L.O. Vessel- Pentathelon Inception

Joshua- Noize Dead

Conrad Schnitzler & GenCon Montgomery- Oh Gott!

Richard Pinhas- Metatron/ Shaddai/ Chabbatai

Heldon- Toward the Red Line

Circle- Lokki

Faust- T-Electronique

Guru Guru- Globetrotter

Cadaver In Drag- Walking Through the Gates of Hell

Warmer Milks- Pentagram of Sores

Wretched Worst- Horned Head

Sandy Bull- Easy Does It

Dagar Brothers- Raga Darbari Kanada

GHQ- Drift-Void

International Harvester- Skordetider


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