Crippled Fingers on Shifting Sands

Not too much going on over here, been doing a triweekly set as part of the Sunday Night Weird on WORT (8 hours of strange sounds!) which explains all the playlists piling up on here. Got some Cryptids recordings on the backburner which will probably get further treatments during the long Wisconsin winter. Lots of good shows and records lately, so except some reviews soon.

I’m on a new 3″ cd-r of the Second Family Band called “Crippled Fingers” released by Shifting Sands Congregation. It’s a down-home weirdo hootenanny sent through the tape splicer featuring myself, Troy Schafer and Endless. You can pick it up from Earjerk or Brave Mysteries. Speaking on Brave Mysteries, I think I’m also on the SFB tape “Twelfth Night Reunion”, as I was sitting in on a lot of Family sessions last winter, but they’re always hazy times so really who knows. Regardless, both are excellent and you should check ’em out.




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