In One Ear 10/23/11

Troy Schafer- Anubis Come In
Collection of the Late Howell Bend- Haha
Hugo Largo- Fancy
Legendary Pink Dots- Swordfishlament
Flying Lizards- Suzanne
Kluster- 2
Kinit Her- The Prophet’s Pen Ablaze
Golden Palominos- Cookout
Zillatron- CBI Files
Et Cetera- Milkstreets
Can- Vernal Equinox
Du Hexen Hase- Entrance
Jean-Michel Jarre- Equinoxe pt. 5
Plasmic Formations- Untitled
Jason Zeh & David Reed- Live At the Embassy
Robert Fripp- Mary
Daryl Hall- Urban Landscape/NYCNY
16 Bitch Pile-Up- Untitled
Gilli Smyth- I Am a Fool
Pimlo- Pictures at an Inhibition
Catherine Ribeiro+ Alpes- Dibrorawaska
Jefferson Airplane- Never Argue With a German If You’re Tired
Etron Fou Leloublan- Binet d-eau froide/plus rien ne nous retient…
Legendary Pink Dots- A Strychnine Kiss
Pierre Morlan’s Gong- Jin- Go-Lo-Ba
Daevid Allen- Why Do We Treat Ourselves Like We Do?
Herbie Hancock- Wandering Spirit Song
Vangelis Papanthanassiou- La Fete Sauvage

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