In One End

Playlist for 7/18/11

Keith Levene- 2011

Wrnlrd- Midnight Ride

Locrian- Process of Ancient Brutalism

Sun Splitter- Cairn of Old Eyes

Ono- Machines That Kill People

John Bender- Dance 57-1/Glass 67-4

Alan Vega- Jackson Gnome

Chrome- Eyes on Mars

Harmonia- Veteranissimo

Sean McCann- Pass Away

Spires That In the Sunset Rise- I

Eliane Radigue- Mila’s Song In the Rain

Wire- Public Place

Alvin Lucier/Pauline Oliveros- Music For Solo Performer

Colin Newman- Slowfast (Falling Down the Stairs With A Drumkit)

Pauline Oliveros- Rattlesnake Mountain

Etron Fou Leloublan- Laves a la Machine

Karuna Khyal- Untitled

Flower-Corsano Duo- Another? I Couldn’t Possibly

Pharoah Sanders- Memories of Edith Johnson

Terry Riley- Chorale of the Blessed Day


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