Sick Shit for Heavy Heads

Wrnlrd- Death Drive (FSS)

Woah… this ain’t black metal, it’s blacker than black metal! Place of origin is important for extreme forms of music; if you’re from Lexington, Kentucky your band is probably going to be tortured and depraved sounding, Chicagoans are abrasive and grimy by nature, and if you’re from Arlington, Virginia you better be tapping into the same Satanic hevvy meddle vibes as thee archlords Pentagram or else. Wrnlrd definitely fucking is, this EP makes me want to put on my sleeveless t shirt and go do some Viking shit in the woods. A maximum dose of hellfire and enough spins out into experimental territory to keep things from getting too normal. Thanks Badness for Weird Metal!

Horseback/Locrian- New Dominions (Utech)

Locrian gets back to the blackness on this one, a collaboration with the  like minded Horseback, and it’s bleak and heavy but in an understated way, It’s sort of similar to “Rain of Ashes” in form, two big monster pieces but “New Dominions” is more monolithic, based around repetitive themes that move at glacial speed. Pretty much another fucking perfect Locrian album.

Bridesmaid/Sun Splitter split 7″ (Bastard Sloth)

No sooner did I write the review for the Sun Splitter tape than I got this split heavy sludge split in the mail from their recent tour with Bridesmaid. SS’s gloomy sing-song “Plum Blossom” is a pretty killer sludge fist-pumper, but I was really taken with Bridesmaid’s side “Vilkin’ It For All It’s Worth”, which sets off into some blown-out Brujiera/Corrupted territory which is a place not many folks dare to tread. Another heavy one!

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