Kosmische Crap

Covering Dave3000’s Kozmik Radiation tonight on WORT.

Baby Grandmothers- Being Is More Than Life

Peter Ivers Band- Cat Scratch Fever

Ame Son- Hein, Quant A Toi

Socrates Drank the Conium- Destruction

Ash Ra Tempel- Light: Look At Your Sun

Sproton Layer- Up

Leland- This Is My World

Debris’- Tricia

Chico Magnetic Band- Crosstown Traffic

Soggy- Waiting For the War

Sir Lord Baltimore- Master Heartache

Fraction- Sanc-Divided

Seeds- Gypsy Plays His Drums

Dashiell Hedayat- Long Song For Zelda

Lava- Tears Are Goin’ Home

Madrigal- Stoned Freakout

Circuit Rider- Forever Angels Proud

First International Sex Opera Band- Anita’s First Appearance Pt. 1

Kim Fowley- Invasion of the Polaroid People

Fire & Ice Ltd.- Star In Flight

Renzoku Shasatsuma- E Improvisation

Datetenryu- ???

JA Caesar- ???

Les Rallizes Denudes- Otherwise My Conviction

Yellow- 2001

Uli Trepte- White Line Fever

Beatniks- Alligator Hat

The Common People- Take From You

The Deep- It’s All A Part of Me

The Spikedrivers- Strange, Mysterious Sounds

Brainticket- Black Sand


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