Weekly World Noise

Filling in tonight for Destructo’s show on WORT. Night time is the rite time.

Ariel Kalma- Le Temps De Moissons

Andrew Coltrane- Untitled

Diagram A- Untitled

Kluster- 1

Hard Gospel With Child- Expressway to Hell (Gimme Drugs)

Skullflower-Silver Stars Rot Mindlessly

Gerogeigege- I Wanna Be Your Partie

Nautical Almanac- Stopstart

Terry Riley- Poppy No Good And the Phantom Band

GHQ- Drink the Good Moon

Yellow Crystal Star- Next Maya

John Bender-60-1 Thought/Malinder

Sun Ra- Door Squeak

Double Leopards- Inmost Light

Robert Ashley- Yellow Man With Heart With Wings

Alvin Lucier- In Memoriam Jon Higgins

Ashtray Navigations- History of Psychedelia

Musica Elettronica Viva- Quadrupl Play

Ariel Kalma- Saxo Planetariel


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