Uneasy Listening With Ian Earbleed

You know, just hanging out in the opium den, listening to some noise & psych albums…

Kluster- Admira, Vulcano

I’ve always dug Conrad Schnitzler & Friends’ various prehistoric noise jams, so when I saw these two albums put out by Important Records I grabbed ’em and held them to my chest, swaying back and forth right there in the record store. Well, maybe not, those record store clerks give me weird enough looks already. Anyways, these are both recordings from 1971 so Hans-Joachim and Dieter are nowhere to be found… Instead you’ve got grizzled Kluster/Eruption vets Klaus Freudigmann and Wolfgang Seidel making some stellar noise up there along with the bald guy. Con’s signature electronic blorps, bleeps and mountains of drizzling rhythmic scuzz aren’t as developed as his later solo works, but there’s plenty of drooling violin, wrecked guitar and clanging drums playing along to even rock, in the Ash Ra Tempel sense of the word.

Sylvester Anfang II- Commune Cassetten

Good to hear from the Belgian psychedelic cult members again, they’ve started spelling their name with a “y” and a “II” these days, which seems to indicate less funeral volk and more non-stop psych-kraut groovin’. It’s definitely more mellow and stoned than anything they’ve done, very laid back and thought out psychedelic jams. But don’t be worried that they’re going hippie on us- “Damia(a)n” breaks out the churning guitar and pagan squall that was sitting in the fridge next to the lambic. Why thanks, I do like mine chilled…

Inca Ore- Silver Sea Surfer School

Eva’s still doing her own thing, and this is maybe her most fragile and haunting record yet. Glad there’s still people out there who do what they want and don’t let the Hypnagogic Pop Mass Blog Psychosis get in the way. Instead of dressing in neon and checking her myspace she hangs out with her cats and eats vegetables, and we’re all made better people by listening to whatever she does. Makes me want to climb up into a cassette deck and go to sleep.

Grey Daturas- Claw Hammer- Owly Claw Hammer

Grey Daturas first attracted my attention on their sphincter-tightening half of a split with Wolf Eyes, I was impressed since they blew the Michigan creeps out of the muddy water with their own brand of Australian-bred misanthropy. I was bummed to hear that the Daturas were playing their Last Show Ever, though after hearing that one of them is going to be making gear for the almighty Frostwave, I’m not quite as saddened… “Owly Claw Hammer” is a bona-fide head-scratching/bong-ripping gem of a record, and I enjoy it largely for the fact that nothing really happens. The whole record sounds like the first couple minutes of atmosphere introducing a stoner sludge metal song drawn out to two sides of a record, which is cool in my book, because after those few minutes the crappy vocals and the bad drumming usually start… It has an incredible monotony to it, it’s like a Rothko painting with effects pedals. Was recorded in Austin, which might explain why it sounds like a heavy metal Charalambides album. None of these descriptions really makes much sense, but neither does “Owly Claw Hammer”, so you should probably just go get stoned, put this record on and experience some existential inertia.

Günter Maas- Klangbilder

I’m a sucker for anything that’s old, German and noisy, so of course Günter Maas hit the spot- some nutty early electronic stuff from 1967-1969 made out of Maas sending his paintings through a synthesizer and chopping up some tapes of found sounds (jackhammers, dripping water) to sprinkle around the crude synth ooze. It’s on Creel Pone, of course.

Locrian- Territories

A new monster record from Locrian. This one came out on just about every format you can think of and on four different labels AND there’s a bunch of various heavy motherfuckers from Chicago sitting in. It’s all over the Locrian map, from duo electronic work to massive full-out black metal workouts. The shorter songs and expanded line-up allow for some more tightly focused pieces; the result is that “Territories” finds Locrian at their noisiest and their most blatantly metal while still exploring some dark synthesizer landscapes at the same time. No easy feat, as anyone who’s ever tried to juggle three things at once can tell you… especially juggling something this heavy.

Wretched Worst- Horned Head/Berserker/Face of Flies 7”

Some blood-soaked noise rock served up on Gods of Tundra. Messy, loud, violent, misanthropic, incoherent. They’re from Kentucky, which is the best place to make fucked-up awful music, so if you’re into sludge like Hair Police, Cadaver In Drag and Warmer Milks’ “Radish on Light”, this might be up your dark alley. Some really great art too from Mr. Minter that makes me imagine Raymond Pettibon as a serial killer locked away in a padded cell.

Remember kids, if you want your experimental/underground/psychedelic/noise/weirdo sounds to get reviewed, send ’em to: Ian Adcock 1049 E Johnson #2 Madison WI 53703


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