Uneasy Listening #1

Uneasy Listening With Ian Earbleed

OK, finally doing reviews again.  I deleted the Radio page because it was a pain in the ass to make playlists, so I’m introducing “Uneasy Listening”, sometimes imaginary radio show, sometimes review section. If you make noise, experimental, psychedelic or otherwise abnormal music, send me me a message at earbleedrecords(at)gmail(dot)com and I will provide instructions.

Angel Face- Endless Ride (A Wild Odyssey)

Somewhere in the annals of lost great heavy French bands, somewhere between Chico Magnetic Band and Soggy is the raw power of Angel Face. It’s 70s biker punk recorded on a cruddy tape deck with scummy mushmouth Mick/ Rotten/Iggy/Chico snarls, hard rock tough-guy swagger and degenerate rock riffs that would make Monoshock cream their ripped jeans. Throw in some proto-sludge moves and you can almost smell the black leather and exhaust fumes. Broken glass in your baguette, monnnsieur!

Rävjunk- Inferno (Maestro) Pt. 1 (Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner)

Crude & rude Swedish 70s rock louts whose band name means “foxpiss” and kick up a storm of bad vibes all over the remains of idyllic Swedish psychedelia. While everyone else was barefoot protesting the Vietnam War, these goons were smoking doobies in the forest listening to Hawkwind & Edgar Broughton Band and drinking anything they could get their hands on.

K. Curtis Lyle- Lemon’s Easy Ridin Skyboat Too Late Earth Moving Blues Or A Dozen Different Blues (The Collected Poem For Blind Lemon Jefferson)

I was surprised to find this recently on last.fm, I used to listen to this record a lot back in the day. It’s an album from the golden age of Black poetry, with Julius Hemphill providing background music. Imagine an album by the Last Poets backed by Albert Ayler… Great wordplay based on the blues but taking things to a futuristic level, stream-of-consciousness with a deep-rooted knowledge of Black oral traditions gone wild. The featured track is a totally nasty yo’ momma ryhme taken to truly epic levels of obscenity, even Rudy Ray Moore himself would have to say “Damn, that’s dirty!”.

Karuna Khyal- Alimony Pt. 2 (Alimony 1985)

What would happen if Magical Power Mako showed up to a Can recording session, spilled bongwater all over the master tapes and then proceeded to record an old-fashioned hootenanny with some junior high glue-sniffers on top? Only one way to find out.

Don Bradshaw-Leather- The Distance Between Us Pt. II (The Distance Between Us)

This is what the soundtrack to “Nosferatu” should sound like in a better world. Totally unknown British cult creeps performing black magic rituals with mellotron, piano and general bad vibes.

Hiroshi Nar- Mer Mew Me (1978 Kobe Motomachi SOUND R)

Jangly burned out psych tunes from the ex-Datetenryu, ex-Les Rallizes Denudes, ex-Zunou Keisatsu bassist and all-around nut. Basically this is a handful of outsider pop psych songs built off the “Night of the Assassins” riff with Hiroshi drooling garbled English lyrics all over ’em and playing Faust thud bass, damaged guitar and drums. All I want from music…


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