Kosmische Cryptids

Cryptids- Kosmische Cryptids (2009 Ear Bleed/Layaway Butch)


Ѯ Ichthyoallyeinotoxism 4:36

♀ Popul Vhu High School 8:12

Δ Tiahuanacu 7:16


† The Sun Door 7:38

Ӂ Suurkilpailu16:01

Recorded 2006-2007 at the Web House, Bowling Green, Ohio

Obsessively mixed 2007-2009

Limited edition CD-r released through Ear Bleed Records & Layaway Butch 2009

Cryptids is:

Ian Adcock: guitar, vocals, organ, electronics, percussion, ukelin, tapes

Additional instruments on by Bob Newsted


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