Cosmic Chasm

Some new Ear Bleed stuff on the way, including a new Cryptids tape , plus a reissued version of “Veil” with new & improved sound and artwork. New radio podcast coming soon, too.

-Ian Earbleed

4 Responses to “Cosmic Chasm”

  1. Re: Magma entry: I could use more silliness as a matter of fact. Goofiness as well. Tomfoolery too. Other than that, I’ve been well. How are you? How’s Wisconsin? Have you turned into a serial killer or a Packers fan yet? I hear Madison is really nice but I’ve never been. Looking forward to the podcast!


  2. Hey, do you still have copies of that Andy Crash album?

  3. PS: Haven’t gone Ed Gein yet, and UW fans are a bunch of berzerker drunken viking hooligans… I try to stay home when the football games are happening. The cheese and beer are excellent, however.

    Oh no, now that you’re looking forward to the podcast I’ll actually have to get off my ass and do it…

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