New Ear Gunk

Two new cassettes from Ear Bleed:


Cryptids- Mabuse (EBR18)

If the last couple Cryptids releases were a little too droney or mellow for you, don’t worry, this one’s about as mellow as an icepick to the earlobe. Mountains of misanthropic churning violin ultraviolence, drugged synths melting in the sun and tortured screams coming out of the air vents populate the landscape of this tape. “Der Spieler”/”1000 Eyes”.

andy crash cover

Andy Crash- Waiting for Nothing

Andy Crash is one of NW Ohio’s most original and unique musicians, and we’re very happy to be able to put out a tape by him. Inspired by tales of the hobos, yeggs and drifters that used to ride the rails, Andy brings together originals, covers, and timeless folk & country songs together in his unique style. Somehow Andy links the songs of Hank Williams, Flatt & Scruggs, the Velvet Underground and Snoop Dogg into a unique vision of American loner folk music. Comes with an awesome color poster by Andy Crash himself. Probably the coolest thing we’ve put out.

Both of these are $5 each, if you buy both of them you’ll also get a ton of other Ear Bleed stuff. Better do it soon, though, because I will be going on permanent vacation in mid-May. Send paypal money or an email to


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