Burning Star Core/Wasteland Jazz Unit @ Woodchucks

Last night I went up to Woodchucks in Toledo to see Burning Star Core. I’ve seen C. Spencer Yeh play in various combos before, but never as BxC, so I was excited for this show. Never been to Woodchucks, either; it’s a tiny hole in the wall, which is usually a good thing for noise shows in bars. Darger opened with some extremely loud duo guitar drone stuff. Wasteland Jazz Unit was up next and slayed, their sax and bass clarinet making some intense feedback and bongslobber skronk noise that woke my tired ass up. After that was BxC, Robert Beatty playing space echo synth and Yeh manipulating samples. They started off with an off-kilter kosmische drone that oozed and gurgled around for a bit like the best moments of early Tangerine Dream stuck in a blender. Then the second jam started off with a drum machine doing a Tony Conrad & Faust beat, with Yeh playing drone violin and the sax player from WJU joining in halfway through for a trip to krautrock country. All in all a good night of music in Toledo set up by Toledo Bellows, check out their site for more great experimental shows coming up in Toledo.


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