Chapel of Noise/Airing Dirty Laundry

One of the coolest places to hear noise these days is Oberlin’s Fairchild Chapel. Great acoustics that only a stone chapel with a super high ceiling can provide, plus all their shows are low-key and free. Went to see Nmperign a while, which was the perfect act to see there. Super quiet avant trumpet/sax whisperings and grindings that seriously messed with the circuitry inside my brain. The only downside was that folks that were just there to maintain their noise hipster street cred can’t sit still quietly and not talk on their cell phones. During something as intensely quiet as a Nmperign concert, it’s a huge distraction. The other big find of the night was Fluxmonkey, who’s an older cat who’s been been building synths in his basement for years and now blows new jack noise kids out of the water…


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