New Glue Reviews

Here’s some reviews of some newer discs that have been spinning around at EBHQ:

Andrew Coltrane- Midnight Winds (Chocolate Monk)

Damn… There’s a reason why Andrew Coltrane’s name is always mentioned within Midwest noise circles with a hushed reverence. “Midnight Winds” is a full hour of pulsating drones in the vein of Terry Riley or Angus MacLise. Even though there’s definitely a lot of different instruments being played throughout the album, it all runs together very cohesively. The first track is particularly amazing, some spaced-out Masters of Jajouka brain-melting drones. This is some serious psychedelic heavy meditation drone music. Art looks like it’s from some deranged R.E. Meatyard/Sun City Girls shamanic coagulation.

Ki- Ki No Sei (Chocolate Monk)

Feral debris with members of Fushitsusha and No Neck Blues Band getting squeaky odd (though it’s not like they weren’t already). Sax skronk so high-pitched that it’ll make your dogs thirst for blood, tortured screams, fractured piano clumps.

Faust- C’est Com Com Complique

I could cut some slack for Faust if they made a less than stellar album after all these years, but there’s no need because their newest is fucking brilliant. Cut-up collage drool, superhuman drum beats, chromium distorto guitars, and moments of pure transcendental beauty.

Wicked Witch- Chaos

One man cosmic slop-fest of Funkadelic worship. Combines the dusted vocals of Bootsy with the fried guitar of Eddie Hazel and the subliminal keyboards of Bernie Worrell, with just a bit of superfreaky Rick James for good measure. A well-deserved rescue from obscurity.

Conrad Schnitzler- Silver

Schnitzler never dissapoints me, and this reissue’s no exception. If you know the Con, you know what to expect- massive mounds of bloopy synth patterns giving you an aural workout, but this record’s got a bit more diversity than his usual kosmische jams, with a cut on side two edging into Cluster’s territory. Plus a super creepy photo of Conrad looking like a vampire on the front that is a stark contrast to the mellowness contained inside.


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