So, I went to go see the Puffy Areolas last night, and had to sneak in the side door because I didn’t have $5 and I was just going to give them copies of the new Ripped Krampus II cd-r and say hello, since I haven’t seen ’em in a couple months. Krauty and some lady were rolling around screaming and wrapping each other in duct tape and a big pile of tangled microphone cables and stands on the front of the stage and the band was definitely WAY too loud for the majority of the audience. Anyway, Teets handed me a copy of their new (?) tape “Final High”. I don’t care what you have to do, you need to beg, borrow, steal, kill to get this tape. It’s the same songs that they’ve been kicking around lately (like on Brian Turner’s show), but this tape has louder, more brutal versions and is the best thing I’ve ever heard from them hands down. Plus Dusty even sings on a song at the end. Knowing how hard it is to get any of the Puffies’ recordings (I still don’t own the “Sweat Tape”), you’ll probably need to show up at one of their shows with a big bag of peyote and throw it onstage to get one, but it’s a small price to pay.



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  1. Yes indeedy; my new favorite band. No peyote, but my brain says ‘magic cactus’ nonetheless.

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