in case you did not know…


I’m an urban guerilla
I make bombs in my cellar
I’m a derelict dweller
I’m a potential killer
I’m a street fighting dancer
I’m a revolutionary romancer
I’m society’s cancer
I’m a two-tone panther
So let’s not talk of love and flowers
And things that don’t explode
We’ve used up all of our magic powers
Trying to do it in the road

I’m a political bandit
And you don’t understand it
You took my dream and canned it
It is not the way I planned it
I’m society’s destructor
I’m a petrol bomb constructor
I’m a cosmic light conductor
I’m the people’s debt collector
So watch out Mr. Business Man
Your empire’s about to blow
I think you’d better listen, man
In case you did not know


One Response to “in case you did not know…”

  1. This reminds me of a story on All Things Considered yesterday about a guy that made fake bids on oil and gas leases up for auction in Utah (highly controversial, last minute Bush thing). He was just some guy picketing outside who felt kinda useless, so he went in and signed up. The Feds arrested him on his way out, but now there’s a bunch of noise and I guess Obama said he’d get at it.

    …from the NPR site:
    He then compared himself, with a laugh, to “that little fish in the Amazon that swims up your urine into your urethra and takes you down from the inside out.”

    No petrol bombs, no buzzy-sweet jamz, but cool anyway.

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