New Reviews in the New Year

Things have been busy here at Ear Bleed HQ, getting the RKII and Father Yodorowsky releases done, doing new recordings and trying to string that pesky sitar. Seems like there’s never enough time to do everything, but now that I’m trapped inside my house by the snow I might get more work done. Still had time to listen to some new music, though, so here are two cassettes and a record that have been playing frequently here:

Plasmic Formations– Arriving at the End To Find Another Beginning (Community College)
I’ve been digging this tape of Dayton’s Plasmic Formations lately. Really subtle minimal high-pitch tones that expand and contract. Some abrasive gunk spasms sneak up on you after you’ve zonked out to the mellow parts. I have a feeling listening to this with headphones could do some serious consciousness-altering. A sonically gorgeous and cohesive tape, and one of my favorite releases from Community College.

Cardboard Sax/Wasteland Jazz Unit split LP (Community College)
Speaking of the boys down at Community College, they just released this hellraisin’ slab of vinyl that ought to be on the turntable of every Midwest noise freak this winter. A side’s got Olson & friends laying down aggro bongslobber sax gunk that’ll melt your brain. Flip it over and you’ve got the W.J. Unit delivering more of the same except gunkier and sludgier. Great melting demonic cover art by Mr. Jason Zeh, too. A must have.

Du Hexen Häse– Dark Slobby Cave
A great psychedelic noise record from Seattle’s DHH, Dark Slobby Cave contains some serious lysergic caveman ritual drone ceremonies that seem damn near unstoppable. Some esoteric guitar and heavy looming drones keep things busy for a while until the B side’s unnerving drug-addled mantras head off to an all-night campfire ayahuasca session.


One Response to “New Reviews in the New Year”

  1. That photo of the Russian girl in the opium den fascinates me.
    Where can I get a better resolution copy of it?

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