New from Ear Bleed.


EBR 17: Father Yodorowsky & the Spirit of 666- EL DOPO C-30

Drug-addled super heavy bad acid psychedelic speed freaks blast off. Thick & heavy like a Mainliner milkshake with some totally ripped psych dudes huffing Jap-psych fumes in the basement. Side II was recorded live opening for La Otracina. Edition of 13. $5


EBR 16: Ripped Krampus II- Mothbleed: Death’s Gonna Die CD-r

A half hour of sonic pummeling from the deranged minds of Ripped Krampus II. Three guitars, bass and drums tearing through improvised psychedelic biker krautrock at the speed of sound. Risen from the ashes of Ripped Krampus and the old line-up of the Puffy Areolas, RKII is a whole new beast, spewing Les Rallizes Denudes covers at you at insane volumes. Limited to 20 copies. $5

To purchase these pieces of gunk, send some money via paypal to or send an email and we’ll respond about how to send carefully concealed cash/checks/drugs. We’ll also throw in some various bits of EBR debris in your package just for fun.


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