End of the Year Blowout…

2008’s almost over, and what a weird fucking year it was, especially for music. The music industry continued it’s downward spiral, continuing to force the most unbelievable garbage down the mass media’s gullet. In underground music, there was an equally unbelievable explosion of new music, trends which came and went faster than ever before, and a wonderful destruction of some genre boundaries. It seems like anything is possible these days in underground music, as anyone with internet access can go online and discover an infinite amount of music. As Ear Bleed Records has always been a major user of the internet to spread music and has been waiting for the death of the record industry for just as long, this was a fun year to be alive. A lot of stuff happened close to home, too: the resurrection of Ear Bleed Records, some great gigs, exciting rumblings in the Toledo scene, some of our friends making waves in the music world. Unfortunately we were too fucking broke most of the year to buy new music, but we still managed to make a list of our favorite music of the year.

Ian Earbleed’s Favorite Albums of 2008

Aural Fit- II (dusted & blown-out Jap-psych of the highest quality & lowest fidelity.)

Jason Zeh- Heraclitus (epic & masterful tape mangling for hypnotizing your brain.)

The Goslings- Occasion (heavy doom and squall as always from these creeps.)

La Otracina- The Risk Of Gravitation (limited edition heavy metal free jazz rock tough guy moves)

Way of the Cross- Mind of the Dolphin (all-star psych/free/jammers get creepy & shamanic on various tour recordings.)

Suishou No Fune- Prayer for Chibi (a masterpiece of gloomy downer guitar psych, always a pleasure with these cats.)

Religious Knives- It’s After Dark (and a ton of other near-perfect albums from the Knives that I won’t list here. do they even need to try?)

Grouper- Dragging a Dead Deer Down a Hill (quiet music for rainy days.)

LSD March- Jurando (Shinsuke Michishita goes for the stripped-down solo loner/downer acid folk vibes.)

Lau Nau- Nuukuu (quiet finn psych for when the baby’s asleep.)

Indian Jewelry- Free Gold! (our summer jam. should have been on every wanna-be hipster’s boombox in a just world, which it ain’t.)

Fabulous Diamonds- Fabulous Diamonds (see above.)

Our Favorite Gigs of 2008

Blues Control/Puffy Areolas/Little Claw at Now That’s Class

Nmperign/Flux Monkey in Oberlin

Jack deJohnette/Chick Corea/Bobby McFerrin going insane on improv noise fumes in Ann Arbor

John Olsen & Ben Hall at 517 Fest

Plastic People of the Universe at the Black Swamp Arts Festival

gigs with Sword Heaven, KBD, Ripped Krampus II, Metal Rogue, John Weiss at Mickey Finn’s

and of course the return of the basement EBR shows:

La Otracina/Own Weather/Father Yodorowsky

Ripped Krampus II/Daniken/TV Casualties

Yellow Crystal Star/Dickhearse a Discourse on Dickhorse/Daniken/Cryptids/Bob Newsted

So much more stuff happening next year- look forward to more releases from the Ear Bleed family: Ripped Krampus I/II, Cryptids, the Puffy Areolas and Bastardgeist all have stuff due to be released on various labels next year, plus who knows what surprises will happen… See you next year.

-Ian Earbleed

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