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One of our favorite local sludge beasts, Ripped Krampus, seems to be on the verge of rebirth.As you might know, the original Krampus line-up was made up of Dusty and Teets from the Puffy Areolas and Mandy on drums. One of their first gigs was in the Ear Bleed Crypt playing with Yellow Crystal Star, the Ear is the Brain, Jason Zeh and Cryptids. But with the resurgence of the Puffies Starship burning down assorted grimy dives in the Cleveland/Columbus/Detroit axis, the Krampus had to take a back seat for a few months. However, now Chilean record label collective Thantaloop has expressed interest in releasing some classic Krampus jams and they’re back to their old tricks. Look for some Ripped Krampus on Thantaloop, Layway Butch and Ear Bleed Records soon.

We’ve still got some old Ear Bleed stuff in stock:

Bullet Teeth- Hope Freaks (Hovercraft) CD

enjoy this full length from BG’s finest epic protopunk pogocore band as they reunite for a summer tour. the usual barnburners collide head on with pretty melodic numbers. $5

Cryptids- In the Act of Adoration Before the Master of the Universe (EBR12) cd-r

first Cryptids release, two big old slabs of kosmische guitar trance and subterranean gnostic dronevil. $5

Ian Adcock- Raised by Wolves (EBR11) cd-r

fucked lo-fi-gaze psych whirlwind made with an unplugged electric guitar. $4

Cryptids- The Seven Sisters of Sleep (EBR 14) cd-r

kosmische crud and ethno kraut basment rumbles. the best Cryptids yet. $5

Coming soon: Cryptids splits with Du Hexen Hase and Ghost Taco, plus releases from Ripped Krampus II, Father Yodorowsky & the Spirit of 666.


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