Cryptic Veil

The newest Cryptids release, “Veil” is out on Somatic Bliss is out on Somatic Bliss Tapes. Minimalist shifting scuzz, wailing Indonesian folk singers sent through archaic samplers, plus some solo downer/bummer vocal drone haze on the B side. Cosmic crud from analog space junk. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s smiling face is on the cover courtesy SBT’s glorious fold-out collage. Get yours for $5 by sending $5 via paypal to earbleedrecords(at)

The last Cryptids cd-r, “The Seven Sisters of Sleep” is still available from the very wonderful Weirdo Records and features some kosmische basement thumping and ruptured organ loops.

From Weirdo:

“Guitar player from Ohio’s Puffy Areolas in his gnosis-thru-drone-overload solo project. A bit of kraut bass pops up in the first half courtesy of a pal named Bob, but 2nd half is one big cuddly pile of organ, pedals & vocals that gets cruddier & cruddier as it lifts off. Comes packaged in what I can only describe as a native american cloth pouch. Tracklisting: Tuareg Nosebleed, The Seven Sisters of Sleep.”


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