Ear Bleed Records bounces around the internet

The earbleedrecords.com domain expired earlier this year, and while I’ve been keeping EBR low-profile lately, I decided to get a new site so I can show people what’s going on without using fucking myspace.

New Stuff from Ear Bleed Records:

Cryptids- The Seven Sisters of Sleep

More massive Crypt jams, this time the meditative, Gnawa drone sounds of “Tuareg Nosebleed” (Bob Newsted provides his signature thump to send us off into space) coupled with the epic organ rumble of the title track. Hazy rituals and swirling feedback rites. CD-r $5

Cryptids- Death Trip

Cryptic basement rituals caught on tape. Harsh Kali Yuga vibes & Tuvan shamanic rituals dubbed off a Tunisian short-wave radio. Creaky organs groaning in agony and cosmic chanting mix with downer basement sludge to form a lo-fi haze of analog tape splatter. Two side-long untitled tracks of feral drones from the wrong side of the tracks. Death Trip has been carefully crafted from hours of mangled Cryptids tapes and buried in toxic waste for 5 months to ensure maximum damage. C-15 OOP

New stuff will be coming out soon, a couple Cryptids split cassettes and maybe some other things. There’s also a new Cryptids tape, “VEIL”, coming out on Somatic Bliss Tapes. Here’s the poster (thanks Kelly):

Spent a couple days playing shows with Yellow Crystal Star/Dickhearse a Discourse on Dickhorse. Always great psychedelic sounds coming from Mark’s guitar amps. Sunday night’s show was weird and ritualistic in the basement of the Pleasuredome, while Monday night they came down to BG to play at the UCF. This was the first show I’ve booked there since 2006, and it was an amazing line-up. Bob Newsted started things off by playing his tiny thumb piano/music box gadgets and deranged old school beats, then Daniken slayed the audience with some brain-melting heavy kraut/spacerock. Then Dickhearse played, and while the show wasn’t as bizarre as the night before in Ypsi, they were tighter musically and played a great set. Then Mark did a solo Yellow Crystal Star set and I finished off the evening with a meditative solo guitar Cryptids set, using some of the major themes that are coming together for the Kosmische album… A fun show and a decent turnout, I’ll hopefully put up pictures soon. That’s all for now, I’ll post more EBR updates and local experimental news later.


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