More Conjuror shows

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Some new Conjuror gigs in the works, I’m getting back in the swing of playing a gig every month again. I’ll be playing this show next week with some of my favorite local metalheads: heavy & slow death creeps Ossuary and “Drunkthrone” power couple Tubal Cain, plus Wyrding, the new project of my dear friend and collaborator Troy Schafer.

January 24 I’ll be playing at the new Arts & Literature Laboratory with AZHA (Andy Fitzpatrick & Kathleen Baird) and Spires That In the Sunset Rise.

Also, the line-up isn’t finalized yet but I’ll be playing a free record release show for the “Mesmerized in Madison” compilation February 13 at Mickey’s Tavern with Vanishing Kids, Dos Males, Cave Curse, and Red Museum. It’s gonna be a stacked bill of Madison heads & probably going to be packed.


Stop out if you’re in Madison, hopefully will have some out-of-town gigs in 2016 too.


Cryptids Archive

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Every once in a while I get someone asking me about how to get their hands on old Cryptids releases, and the time has finally come where I can upload them to bandcamp. Head over to the Cryptids page, I’ll be slowly going through old cassette & CD-r releases and digging up some old unreleased tracks as well. And it’ll all be free/name your price since everything’s just been collecting dust otherwise. So far I’ve got the cassette releases Veil and Empire of Crime up, neither of which has ever been in digital form before and were both released in severely limited editions, the CD-r releases In the Act of Adoration Before the Master of the Universe and The Seven Sisters of Sleep, plus the never released final album Misanthropic Oscillations, originally planned to be a split with Yellow Crystal Star, wherever he may be.

Also, it’s a little hard to find but the fine Ilse label still has a compilation track of mine “Hex” online which is one of my favorite Cryptids recordings, entirely recorded with a malfunctioning microcassette player.

More coming soon (plus the cover art that I need to scan).

Conjuror Live Sightings

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I’m playing a few Conjuror shows this month, Tuesday 7/7 at Mickey’s Tavern in Madison with Chuck Johnson and Tar Pet, and July 17th at Bluelight II Festival in Highland, Wisconsin with a millions other cool regional projects. Both are definitely worth checking out, might be the last live shows I do for a couple months.

Conjuror interview on Tone

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I talked with Scott Gordon of Tone Madison a while back about the new Conjuror album, you can read the interview on their website, which has been doing the best arts coverage in town for a while now.

Speaking of which, I’ll be playing a Conjuror show next month with Kyle Landstra and Gardener. Stop by if you’re in Madison, it’ll be a fun one.

Conjuror- Black Velvet, Dead Flowers

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Happy to announce that the second Conjuror album is out on Golden Cloud Tapes! “Black Velvet, Dead Flowers” contains four deep synthesizer drone baths recorded January-February 2014 on my battered Korg Mono/Poly and features cover art by Kjersti Lande. I have a few copies available, $6 +3 s&h via paypal to (ask first about foreign shipping).

You can listen to the first side via soundcloud, but of course they sound better on tape:

In One End 5/18

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Had a lot of listeners last night for some odd reason, and luckily it was a really great program of sounds, with focus on Fripp & Eno’s respective birthdays last week, Philip Glass and Steve Reich’s reconciliation for Nonesuch’s 50th anniversary celebration in September and some early 70s synth mulch from respectable composers (the Budd piece especially is a real surprise in his catalog). As always, you can listen to the archived show for the next 2 weeks on WORT’s website by clicking here. Last week’s show was an all Acid Mothers Temple related show in preparation for their show in Madison which of course did not disappoint. More In One End playlists are available via spinitron if you wanna peruse.


Auscultation- Ash- Auscultation

Fripp & Eno- The Heavenly Music Corporation- No Pussyfooting

Robert Fripp- Atmosphere- Radiophonics

Brian Eno- Lux 3- Lux

Brian Eno- Shadow- Ambient 4: On Land

Fripp & Eno- Terebellum- The Equatorial Stars

Philip Glass- Ik-Ook- North Star

Ulrich Krieger- Reed Phase- Early American Minimalism- Walls of Sound II

Steve Reich- Come Out- Early Works

Ingram Marshall- Solitary- Alcatraz

Zaimph- The Enormous Space- The Enormous Space

Alastair Galbraith- A View To Endless Black- The Enormous Space

Warner Jepson- Totentanz- Totentanz and Other Electronic Works

Harold Budd- The Oak of the Golden Dreams- The Oak of the Golden Dreams

David Behrman- Pools of Phase Locked Loops

Transmissions from Japan

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There’s lots of amazing underground activity going on in Japan, and it’s always been near-impossible to figure out what the hell is actually going on, but with the internet we can catch live sets from some amazing performers and combos. One of the most mind-boggling is Guy Unit‘s recent set with Jojo Hiroshige of Hijo Kaidan notoriety. First of all, there’s eleven people playing on stage (including Kawabata Makoto). Second, it’s really fucking tight for an improv set of eleven people playing all at once. Eleven, for fuck’s sake!

Next up is a combo that I’ve wanted to hear for a while but never got the chance, Tangerine Dream Syndicate, which is pretty straight-forward in how it’s going to sound. Heavy line-up, though: Fukuoka Rinji of Overhang Party with heavyweight noise cats Fumio Kosakai & Ryuichi Nagakubo (of C.C.C.C. and all them other harsh combos) making minimal psychedelic earth drones… also on the bill that night was Urabe Masayoshi playing solo alto sax, and it’s hard to find words for how utterly breathtaking this set is. It’s like he boiled all the toxins out of Kaoru Abe‘s discography and distilled all the transcendent elements you can find in a free improv sax solo.

Finally, here’s a classic volatile Hijo Kaidan set from 1989. Not for the faint of heart.


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